Moving into a Fixer-Upper

If you are moving into a fixer-upper, then you most likely have found a place in a great location or with great potential, and with your vision and hard work, you will make it into your dream home. If you are just fixing it to sell it quickly for a profit (fix-n-flip), most likely you will not be moving into the home.

Because all this work has to be done, you want to make sure that two things happen. One, you want your home to be livable while you are doing all this work. Two, you want the work you do to be done smartly and efficiently. Because of these things, how you move into your fixer-upper can make all the difference. Use this checklist to expedite the process from move-out to move-in.

Moving Out
Storage Unit: Find a storage unit to house many of your things. Giving yourself more room in your home from storing some of your possessions, can provide a bigger, better work environment in your home. Storage units are fairly inexpensive, and if you find that you cannot go two days without some items, just go back to the unit and get what you need.
Remodeling List: Make a no holds barred list of the things that need to be replaced/ updated/remodeled. Also, list the things you would do if money were no object.
Flooring Work: It is best to do any flooring work before you move in. Whether you are ripping up the floors, refinishing the old ones, laying carpet or tile, get this done first so that you are not constantly moving furniture around.
Electrical Improvements: Before you move in, ensuring that you have sound electrical is of high importance. Chances are that if this is a fixer, then the electrical main will likely need to be upgraded, and the two-pronged sockets replaced with three-pronged. This is a safety issue, and updating the electrical can sometimes reduce your homeowner’s insurance.
Drywall Finishing: Many people like to replace lath and plaster walls with drywall. This can be pretty expensive and messy, especially if you have your things in there. If you are sure you want to do this, but don’t yet have the funds to do the whole house, consider replacing all of the walls in one room first, then you can have one room nice and set up.
One Room at a Time: Decide on which room you would to like work on first and then don’t move anything into that room. Once you have remodeled this room to your liking, you can move the items from the next room to be remodeled in there, and start the whole process over. If the idea is to remodel one room at a time so that your entire house is not a wreck, this plan will work best for you.

What is Your Move?
There are several different types of moves for people who are moving into a fixer-upper. Here are links to articles that address the many different moves that you may be undergoing.

  • Professional Move
  • Moving Yourself
  • In Town Move
  • Moving an Aging Parent
  • Post-Graduation Move
  • Fly-By Night Move

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