Secure a Storage Unit

Before moving in, figure out if storage will be necessary. Whether it be self-storage or storage a moving company offers, being prepared for this can be beneficial. It is important to secure your storage options beforehand as to allow for the transition to go smoothly. Try to find a storage location close to the destination location in order to make it easy for both the movers and for yourself. Knowing how to choose a storage facility is a plus.

Have New Home Ready

Prepare the new home by making sure it is clean and ready for move-in. Some things to be completed are cleaning, painting, pest proofing, renovations, and gardening. It is much easier to accomplish these tasks when there is no furniture, boxes and when there is still plenty of garage space. Having a clean and ready to move-in home just feels like a fresh new start.

Change Locks

This is a common task that many people forget to do before moving in. Changing the locks is very important for safety. Not only may the last residents still have a spare key, but the ones before them or anyone else may still have a key.

Inform Everyone

Be sure to contact the necessary people of your address change such as friends, schools, post office, banks, DMV, or any other associations you may be part of. It is good to do this before moving in because many people forget about it during the unpacking process.

Familiarize with the Surroundings

Get familiar with the neighborhood and know where certain places are located. Such places can be hospitals, veterinarians, drug stores, and supermarkets. Also, know where local restaurants are because it’s likely that during the move-in process, making food at home may be difficult. If you have children, it may be good to familiarize with the school and know where shortcuts and safe routes are located.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a reputable moving company can be a hit or miss if just going with the first company found. Do some research, read reviews, check their BBB rating, check their licenses, or get some referrals from friends. Unless you are hiring movers for moving an office, then a typical household goods mover will be sufficient. Not all moving companies perform every job perfectly so be sure to hire a company with legitimate insurance.

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