Whether moving your entire home or just a single piece of furniture, many homeowners find themselves searching for a mover they can trust with their furniture. It’s not as easy of a decision as you might think. Our furniture makes for many of the most valuable possessions we own, and when you figure in family heirlooms and antiques, they carry with them memories and history as well. All that being the case, it’s important to look around and find the right mover for your particular job.

How Valuable Is Your Furniture?
This is an important question to ask right off. The more valuable your furniture, the more you should be willing to pay in order to hire an experienced furniture mover. If you have expensive artwork and quality antiques, for example, you’ll want to hunt down someone who is experienced handling pieces of higher value. Of course, the opposite holds true as well. If your furniture is nice, but not particularly valuable, you’re probably fine hiring a major moving company to move your furniture. You’ll save money and are sure to get quality service, just not the specialty treatment that some higher end furniture movers provide.

Specialty Movers
If you do have items that are especially valuable, then it really does pay to talk to someone who specializes in moving high value items. A fine furniture mover goes the extra mile to make sure absolutely nothing happens to your belongings in transit. A high-end mover shows up at your door with custom built, padded wood crates to put your furniture or artwork into. These movers are also highly skilled and aware of the best techniques for handling fragile and valuable pieces.

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Piano Movers—in a Class by Themselves
Still not satisfied? Keep looking. Furniture movers are available who possess all kinds of special expertise, and who specialize in moving even single types of furniture. Pianos are a great example. Pianos aren’t just incredibly heavy and unwieldy, they are also delicate musical instruments with thousands of working parts. That being the case, many homeowners choose to hire a piano mover so they can rest easy knowing their piano is being moved, shipped, and stored by someone who understands how to take care of their precision instrument. It will cost more initially, but once you figure in the hourly rates of tuners and repairmen that you’ll need to call in if your mover is careless with your piano, you’ll probably come out ahead in the end.

Go with Your Gut
The most important thing is to choose a mover that will suit both you and your furniture. Grandma’s old china hutch might not be worth much at an antique show, but its sentimental value might justify you spending a little extra to have a specialty mover transport it anyway. And if you’ve got valuable furniture but are willing to risk a few scratches and dings along the way, don’t feel like you have to pay premium prices when looking for someone to hire. As long as you find a reputable moving company with a good track record (always check references!), you can put your feet up and let your furniture mover worry about the rest.

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